Winter Services


"What do you do in the winter?"  It's a questions we field every year in October and November.  I always say, "It's a great business, we squeeze 12 months of work into 9 months and have three months to play!"  That's not really how it happens.  We do our best to squeeze 12 months of work into the nine months of decent weather we have!  The reality is that for the three months or so of winter weather we endure, we do plenty!  While there have been some exciting changes to our winter portfolio, we spend time dormant pruning and working our latest addition to our service portfolio, Winter Away Home Services.  Click on the links below for more information on each of these important services.

snowplow & ice control


We are happy to share some exciting news regarding snowplow and de-icing services.  After 35 years of plowing snow in every imaginable vehicle and equipment, in light squalls to full-on blizzards and from driveways to airport runways, I am hanging up our collective snowshoes and handing off the shovels and plows to my amazing foreman Ricardo and his family, wife Yiesel for administration nd brother, Pablo to assist on the routes.  Ricardo has been my right hand man for the last 6+years and has been the most conscientious, loyal, decent, and hard-working man I

dormant pruning


Dormant Season Pruning offers the opportunity to rejuvenate healthy, yet overgrown plant materials.  Almost all woody shrubs and trees can benefit from Dormant Season Pruning.  This time of year allows our trained staff better insight into the structure of the plant, without all of those pesky leaves to interrupt our sight lines!  Some plants may suffer a less than spectacular flower set the season immediately following, but most flower on new growth and this process could spur on an a more fantastic display!  Further, your plants remain healthy as cutting during the dormant season reduces the stress on the plant and you end up with a healthier, better structured and more manageable plant on fully established root system.

winter away home services


Escaping to warmer climes for the winter months?  Embarking on an extended vacation?  Is the car service on the way when the heater stops working? (yes, that one really happened)  Rudey Landscape has expanded our personal service offerings to include Winter Home Away Services.  An affordable, yet invaluable home concierge service tailored to your needs and your time schedule.  For our customers who escape the brutal Midwestern winters and spend the cold times in the warmer climate, or just like to get away while having a piece of mind, we are excited to offer Home Monitoring, Home & Project Management and Repair Services.

Home Monitoring provides you with a set of eyes and ears while you are away.  Working in tandem with our other landscape services or as a stand-alone contract, Home Monitoring is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visit to your property to make a visual inspection of your grounds and your home.  We will check for evidence of critter invasion, ice damning, any damage due to weather and a general inspection of the property boundaries and home exterior.  We will go inside the home to make sure all is well, checking all water sources, making sure the heat is functioning and all the mechanical areas are clean and leak-free.  We run all sinks, baths, toilets and showers.  We also make sure all appliances are ready to work.  We will check and replace common light bulbs and double-check all windows and doors.  We secure the home when we exit and share a video in either real-time via videoconference or email a video clip at the end of the day.  We always call while we are on site to make sure you are aware of our presence in the home and on the grounds.  We are also available for extra visits to handle garbage cans, deliveries and other one-time issues that crop up.  Fees can be assessed per visit or on a monthly contract charge.


Home & Project Management will allow you to schedule larger scale work while you are away.  We will oversee the work to make sure it follows the contract specifications using agreed upon materials and up to date construction techniques.  If there is a question, we are a phone call or videoconference away and can be at your home for any questions that may arise through the process.  We can be the point of entry for contractors so you do not have to extra keys and alarm codes “floating around”.  We will make sure the work is done to perfection as if it were our own home.  Whether it is a simple re-finishing of wood floors or furniture delivery to a full-scale remodel, we can see to it that your interests are protected in your absence.  Fees for this service are billed hourly.  For larger scale projects, we can pre-determine a project fee and work on a retained basis.


Repair Services include Handyman repairs for minor issues that crop up.  Hanging a new ceiling fan or changing the light bulb in the impossible to reach fixture; minor drywall repair and painting; plumbing fixture replacement and minor electrical repair.  We can take of these items with one call.  If we cannot handle the repair in-house, our stable of trusted subcontractors will be called in.  You will be notified in advance of the work being completed as to what can be expected in both timing and cost.  Simple repairs, one call, taken care of!


Ihave had the pleasure to work with in all my years in this business.  Please reach out to Yiesel directly at for all your residential plowing needs.  They are ready to make sure you have safe passage throughout the winter and prepared to handle anything Old Man Winter throws our way.