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Rudey Landscape, LLC is committed to inspiring and fulfilling your vision. We will not stop until we have met our shared goals for your garden together. It is a simple dedication to doing what is right and what is best for you, your home, your budget and your family. 

jon rudey

Jon has been involved in the landscape industry for more than 25 years. Starting as a seasonal summer laborer, Jon tried a couple of other things along the way, but always returned to this passion, landscape. Jon started his first company at the age of 21, but sold it 5 years later to focus on his studies.


He finished his Associates Degree then headed off to Ohio State to receive a Bachelor's of Science in Landscape Architecture. After graduation he moved west to Chicago and was recruited to work with one of the largest and most respected landscape companies in the country. He had the opportunity to work on large scale public gardens and grand residential projects alike. Jon is married and a proud father of one.


You can reach Jon directly at:

630.824.7918 (m)

ricardo sanchez-garcia

Ricardo is our lead maintenance foreman and right-hand man to Jon.  He joined the staff of Rudey Landscape shortly after moving to the United States to marry his high school sweet heart Giselle. Prior to his time in the landscape field, Ricardo had experiences in the building trades and agribusiness as a farm hand in Mexico.   He is married and the proud father of one son.


You can reach Ricardo directly at:

630.541.3664 (o)

office manager

Our office manager’s position is currently vacant.  If you know someone who might be interested, by all means, send them our way!!

a note from jon


Rudey Landscape, LLC may have been legally organized in 2012, but I like to think it was founded in a large sand box in my parent’s backyard in Perrysburg, Ohio circa 1976. The company is the natural extension of a 25-year career in the green industry, two college degrees and a lifelong love of “playing in the dirt”. I continually find new inspiration on a daily basis. I find it in a stone arch I drew while I should have been taking notes in a class. I find it in the petals of a flowering Hydrangea in my client's side yard.
I find it in the rolling landscape of the Midwest remnant prairies shimmering under the summer sun, the soaring hill country of Western Texas blanketed in Bluebells in the spring, the sublime geologic formation of the Appalachians as they cut through the Pennsylvania forests of golds and ambers in the fall, the native woodland beauty of New England in the winter as it cascades to the coast. I find it in the four panels of simplicity of the Moore’s Paradise Gardens of Southern Spain, Olmsted’s congregation of natural elements and structural forms of Riverside and the joyful interaction of children at Millennium Park’s “spitting faces”.  Most importantly, I am inspired by your property and our shared vision for the journey.


The creation of a landscape is no different than the creation of the grandest Oak tree. It starts with the soil, the seed, the nutrients, the water, the sun’s grace. If I do not start at the very beginning, the end will arrive hollow and without the ability to sustain the beauty and the vision. I start every service my crews provide, where I should, at the beginning. I focus first on the soil, the infrastructure of the landscape and then we talk about what is possible and what is reasonable. Be it a seasonal display to add color to your front entry, a complete landscape design & renovation, a one-time professional garden visit, or a complete grounds management package, I start the process with you; your goals, your vision, your expectations, your budget, your thoughts, your property. This is my inspiration! After we meet, I look closely at the opportunities and challenges of your site and begin my process to deliver on your wants, desires and needs. A thoughtful and complete estimation of the work that is needed, so we may accomplish your goals, is prepared and delivered for your review.


Then we create and implement. I create estimations, designs, drawings, style sheets, material samples, expectations and options. I work with my crews to implement the work via our trained in-house staff and our select sub-contractors. I work each project personally onsite and behind the scenes. I oversee each detail to make sure we arrive together, happy and satisfied in both the process, the end result and the long-term. Your satisfaction is not guaranteed, it is not warranted nor is it contingent on any other catch phrase. Your satisfaction is simply the most critical component to my company’s success today, tomorrow and for years to come. Without that, I loose your trust and that is unacceptable to me.


My staff of highly trained technicians will sustain your landscape as I will sustain your trust and faith in Rudey Landscape, LLC and keep you satisfied. We strive to keep our routes tight and on schedule. We work whatever hours are necessary to accommodate your needs and any special requests. My crews are there when you expect them to be and efficient while on your property. We constantly monitor weather conditions via local news outlets, regional and national weather services as well as private forecasting subscriptions targeted directly in our service areas and do our absolute best to proactively adjust schedules to accommodate the work we need to finish Monday through Friday so you can enjoy your weekend engaged in your garden without our work interrupting your family time.


Rudey Landscape, LLC is here to make your landscape beautiful, your garden bearing the fruits and flowers you desire and your precious time available for your family.


With warm regards,


Jon Rudey

our friends


Whenever possible, please support our trusted partners by clicking on their link below.  These friends take good care of us and they would be happy to take care of you!

Weather Guidance is a subscription based weather forecasting, alert and archiving service.  They are the exclusive subscribed weather service for Rudey Landscape and provide the Local Forecast appearing on this site.

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