Winter Garden Insights + Planning for Spring

Winter Garden Collage

As we peer out our frosty windows and into our frozen gardens, we can see the remnants of last year’s bounty. We can see spent stems and blooms on the Smooth Hydrangea, the solid stalks of Northwind Switchgrass, the Rose hips covered in a light blanket of snow, and the brilliant contrast of Redtwig Dogwood gleaming in the winter sunlight. At first glance, it may not appear the perfect time to appreciate the garden, but it is the perfect time to reflect on what your garden has meant to you this year. It is the perfect time to dream of your garden’s potential for the upcoming season. It is the time to think of shapes and colors and textures for your garden. Let’s find time to be together and think less about the cold and more about the coming Spring.

I truly enjoy this time of year. Of course, we work through the winter months providing Dormant Pruning, Snow Plow Services, and our most recent introduction, Winter Home Away Services. The pace is a bit less frantic so we have the time to explore new ideas and new processes. We also have the time to see our gardens completely differently. I love to see the beautiful blanket of snow on the garden. It provides so much for the garden. It keeps the garden healthy by providing an insulating blanket preventing wide and fast shifts in soil temperatures. It keeps the crowns of the plant protected from winter grazing by rabbits, voles, and other rodents. The monochrome look our gardens take on also highlight points of opportunity acting as a figure-ground study in spatial relationships between the structural plants, hardscapes, and voids. It shows us where opportunity lies and allows me to visualize the options for plants and hardscapes to highlight and compliment the garden.

That cold snow does more than create travel problems. It makes the most of an otherwise cold and gray time of year. I don't know about you, but for me, if it is going to be cold, I would much rather see a beautiful blanket of snow than dormant turf and sticks!

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