Jon's 2017 Season Round-Up

2017 Season Collage

After a beautiful stretch of fall weather, frigid temperatures have finally set in. Just last week, we experienced a 35+ degree change in high temperatures going from a high over 60 on Monday, to a high temperature of 30 on Thursday. Midwestern weather is always exciting. As the old saying goes, if you don’t like the weather now, give it an hour…

Speaking of weather, we were able to enjoy a fantastic summer with temperatures generally hovering at or below the historical averages with lower than expected humidity. We were a bit drier than I prefer, but not so hot that irrigation systems and regular lawn sprinkling could not easily keep up. Overall, I give our entire growing season a B or a B+. Not too shabby!

We experienced some challenges, due in no small part to labor shortages throughout the season. We continue to experience very low unemployment rates. We are working on strategies and tactics now which we expect to pay dividends in the 2018 labor market. We are also looking to hire a new full-time associate to assist with field operations and customer service, be it in the maintenance or design-build department, allowing for even closer attention to the many details on each of your properties. The good news of 2017 is the continuing recovery of home values in the housing market. While certain demographics in the housing market continue to struggle due to a multitude of factors, many homes continue to sell quickly, near asking price. One market trend of note, especially in my business, is the continuing push to renovate and stay in place as opposed to the pre-2008 trend of moving as quickly as possible to cash in on equity (which we soon found to be inflated). Renovation of any type, including even the most minor upgrade, builds equity and that builds stability in each our most meaningful investments, our home.

One of my favorite feelings is that of “home”. For me, the word “home” conjures feelings or warmth, peace, and relaxation. Being with the loves of my life (my wife and my son); Being safe and secure; Enjoying the spaces we’ve designed and developed to reflect our desires; Most importantly, sharing a space of respite and relaxation with friends and family. Especially as the year comes to a close and we look forward to the chapter titled 2018, I am reminded of how important “home” remains. My simple wish for all is to enjoy home, enjoy family, enjoy friends and find the peace and love that comes home.

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