Snow Advisory was extended, but now expired

Good morning,

Our Snow Advisory expired a few minutes ago at 6am. We did see the snow end much later than initially projected finally winding totally down around 4am. All residential routes were complete at 6:15am. The temperatures dropped throughout the overnight hours and we received 4+ inches in some areas, double what was predicted. As the temperatures dropped, the snow “dried out” and became very light. I mention this as we already saw some instances of blowing snow with drifting potential. Please do not hesitate to call or text me directly at 630.824.7918 or reply to this email if you need your walks or driveway touched up today or tomorrow. With the winds and extremely cold temperatures, our garden safe ice-melt may struggle to keep the slippery areas safe. Rock Salt is only helpful to -10 degrees and the product we use is typically good to -25. Unfortunately, the wind can re-freeze any surface water rapidly.

We are tracking our next storm which is scheduled to hit on the 24th or 25th. We have plenty of snow now which should last to make for a white Christmas, but just in case, we may have fresh powder on or about Christmas Eve.

Do your best to stay indoors today and if you must go out, listen to everything you hear about exposed skin and extreme temperatures. (COVER UP!!!) Let me know if there is anything you might need and as always, thank you for your continued confidence in Rudey Landscape!

Best regards,

Jon Rudey

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