Snow Advisory update for 12.16-12.17

Good morning,

We have upgraded our outlook to a Snow Advisory for Friday into Saturday. It appears the timing has shifted a bit forward as well. We are expecting the snow to begin mid-day on Friday with continuous snowfall through the overnight hours. A slight break is possible before the snow starts again mid-day on Saturday and ends Saturday evening. It appears there may be two rounds of plowing with this event as was the case with the last storm. This forecast is still taking shape and we do expect further updates over the next two days. Please see below for the latest details from our friends at Weather Guidance. Thank you for your continued confidence in Rudey Landscape and please reply to this email, or call and/or text message me directly on my mobile phone at 630.824.7918 with any questions or service inquiries. We will continue to monitor forecast models from The Chicago Weather Center as well as Weather Guidance and other outlets to determine our operational response as the storm works into our area. Thank you again and have a great day!

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Jon Rudey

Changes Since Last Update:

  • Upgraded to Snow Advisory and adjusted expiration time to match the latest trends (now 6pm Saturday, was Midnight Saturday night)

WeatherGuidance continues a Snow Advisory for Rudey Landscape


12:00 PM Friday (12/16/16) until 06:00 PM Saturday (12/17/16)

Expected impacts:

  • Snow is likely from Friday afternoon through late Saturday evening

  • Snow accumulation of 3-6 inches appears probable for most of the local area

  • This is a developing situation; please monitor for later updates

Probability of the specified snowfall amount (total) at a given location:

  • Probability of 1.0-1.5 inches of snow: 100%

  • Probability of 1.5-2.0 inches of snow: 90%

  • Probability of 2.0-3.0 inches of snow: 70%

  • Probability of 3.0-5.0 inches of snow: 60%

  • Probability of 5.0-7.0 inches of snow: 30%

  • Probability of 7.0+ inches of snow: 20%


We are continuing to monitor a developing weather situation for the period Friday afternoon through Saturday evening of this week. Measurable snow appears likely across the local region during this time period. As of this update we have converted to a Snow Advisory per the latest trends (as we indicated was likely in our last update).

Present trends continue to indicate that snow will begin around 12 Noon or shortly afterward on Friday and continue through at least early on Saturday evening before ending by around 6pm or so on Saturday. It continues to appear that 3-6 inches of snow accumulation is likely across most of the local area with this event. While accumulating snow is possible anytime during the aforementioned time period, the most likely time frame for the majority of the accumulation appears to be from near 6pm on Friday through about 12 Noon on Saturday. This could change in later updates as the situation becomes more clear.

Snow amounts may be even heavier to the North of the local area - and especially the closer you get to the Wisconsin border. This is based on the present expected track of the system. If the system were to track further South than currently expected, then heavier snow amounts would be possible in at least portions of the local area. We will continue to monitor for this possibility and issue updates as the situation becomes more clear.

This is a developing weather situation with much uncertainty still involved. We will continue to monitor the latest trends and issue updates as conditions warrant.

Forecaster Confidence (Low/Moderate/High):

Moderate to High

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