Continued Snow Advisory

Good afternoon,

We mobilized all residential routes this morning at +/- 4:15am and all routes are now complete. We continue to monitor the active snow advisory for the remainder of today as we are expecting another 2-3” ending later this evening. At this time, we are expecting to put routes back into service between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. As always we will be flexible based on the timing of the storm. Please do not hesitate to call or text with questions or service inquiries at 630.824.7918. Feel free to email as well. Thank you for your continued confidence in Rudey Landscape and please see below for the latest update form our friends at Weather Guidance.

Best regards,

Jon rudey

WeatherGuidance continues a Snow Advisory for Rudey Landscape


09:33 AM Today until 09:00 PM Today

Expected impacts:

  • Periods of snow will redevelop through late this morning and increase into the afternoon hours before diminishng by mid-evening

  • Average additional snow accumulation of 2-3 inches appears likely mainly from this afternoon through 8-9pm

  • A few locations may see slightly higher additional amounts in any moderate snow bands that may develop this afternoon/early evening


Patchy areas of light snow are starting to redevelop on a scattered basis across the area at this time, and this trend will continue through 12 Noon. The activity will likely "fill in" and become more widespread during the afternoon and continue into the early and middle part of the evening hours before ending by 8-9pm.

Additional snow accumulation of 2-3 inches is likely across the local area from now through 9pm. If any embedded bands of moderate snow were to redevelop over time, then a few spots may see slightly higher additional amounts during that same time period. The most likely period of time for the additional accumulation to occur will be from 12 Noon or shortly after through 8-9pm, based on present trends.

The snow is expected to end rather abruptly from West to East across the area between 8pm and 9pm based on present trends. The potential for any additional accumulation after that time would likely be minimal across most of the area.

We will continue monitoring the situation and issue updates as conditions warrant.

Forecaster Confidence (Low/Moderate/High):

Moderate to High

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