Near Term Weather Update for 12.4.16

Good afternoon,

While the snow has been falling for 3-4 hours, accumulation on paved surfaces only began to take hold within the last hour or so. Due to the fluctuating intensity and the higher temperatures, we will continue to monitor conditions on the ground as well as short term weather outlooks. We will issue another update shortly as the current storm begins to wind between 4 and 6pm. At this time, we do not foresee an operational response to the storm for residential clients occurring prior to the end of the storm if at all necessary. Plesae see the latest short term weather update issued about 10 minutes ago from our friends at Weather Guidance. Thank you for your continued confidence in Rudey Landscape and please feel free to reach me via mobile phone or text message at 630.824.7918 or email at any time. Thank you!

Best regards,

Jon Rudey

Expected impacts:

● Snow will continue across the area through much of the afternoon hours

● Average snow accumulation of 2-3 inches is likely for most of the local area

● A few spots may see 3-4 inches of snow accumulation, mainly on grassy and other noted


● Snow is likely to accumulate the most on grassy, elevated and other colder surfaces


Snow will continue across the local area through much of the afternoon hours before tapering off from West to East late this afternoon.

Most locations are likely to receive 2-3 inches of snow accumulation, with localized spots of 3-4 inches possible. Snow will likely continue to accumulate the best on grassy surfaces, elevated surfaces and other surfaces that are cooler than the warmer ground-level conditions in place across most of the area.

Present indications continue to suggest that the snow will taper off from West to East across the local area between 4pm and 6pm...with additional accumulating snow not likely after 6pm.

We will continue monitoring the situation and issue updates as conditions warrant.

Forecaster Confidence (Low/Moderate/High):


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