Spring has Sprung!

Today may not be the best example of springtime weather, but earlier this week, spring was awakening! I spoke to a friend that runs a wonderful greenhouse in Hinsdale today and she said this past Monday was SO BUSY!! My response is as always, if you're not busy now, you better worry! Springtime for me is always busy, but the best part of being busy is the renewal that spring brings. Of course there is the natural renewal of emerging plants, leaves, and flowers. This is the beauty of Mother Nature reminding us of the coming spring and renewal of another set of gardening seasons. The Crocus, Daffodils and Tulips emerge to remind us we were diligent in our preparations for this Spring, last fall. Perennials begin to peak out from under the mulch after the winter's slumber. The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood, Judd Viburnum, and the true harbinger of Spring, the Forsythia bloom to remind us to get ready. We renew our beds and turf during a cleanup of winter debris and shake off the dusty remains of winter past. New clients begin to flood the phone and email channels looking for new services, new plants, new hardscape and new designs. I get to shake the dust of winter off as well while I continue to explore new products and design ideas. One of my favorite parts of Spring is sending out Maintenance Contract renewals. While I look forward to retaining our loyal customers through excellent service provision, the best part for me is to be welcomed into your home. It always feels as though I have the opportunity to sit and chat with an old friend. Of course there is business to do, wether we are looking at expanding services or fine-tuning the crew instructions. Truly, the most satisfying part of my work is the ability to foster our relationship and reconnect in the Spring. Living my entire Life and career in the Midwest, we expect Spring to bring renewal. In fact, we need Spring to break our winter doldrums. My mother always used to say in a sing-song manner, "Spring has Sprung!" I never placed the tune, but I always knew what "the song" was about. Once the weather breaks, we should all be springing into nature and enjoy the time we have to reconnect, and renew our relationships, not only with Mother Nature but most importantly, each other. The busy season is here for me, but I will do my best to make time to see each and every one of our loyal clients, née friends. Have a wonderful Spring and even when it is 54 degrees and pouring rain, remember; Spring has Sprung!

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