Be on the lookout!

We are sending annual maintenance agreement renewals over the next 7-10 days directly to the email address on file. You may find some slight differences for the upcoming season. We are experienceing "early" spring weather and hope to be out providing srping cleanups and mulch a couple of weeks ahead of the typical schedule. Beacuase of the early spring, we expect the weekly mowing to start mid-April instead of May 1st. This will extend the season to include 28 weekly mowing services instead of the typical 26.

Due to the weak winter weather patterns, we are expecting to see a hot and dry summer. Please let us know when your irrigation system is in working order so we can assist you in monitoring the water. We want to make sure you get the highest possible value for the water dollars spent. Remember, just because we are able to turn the system to "run" does not mean we have to. Early spring weather typically needs no extra input on the watering front. Also, Rudey Landscape has been working hard to create better soils which in turn create healthier root zones. This should create more drought tolerant turf and a healthy, deeply rooted turf stand that needs less water throughout the growing season.

We can't wait to get the renewals out to you so we can get the season started! Take care and keep an eye out for the emails coming over the next week or so. Enjoy the warm weather!

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