Another squall headed our way tonight...

Good evening,

It appears we will be getting a bit of snow this evening that will intensify overnight and into tomorrow morning. Given the small amount of snow yesterday coupled with the forecasted accumulation total of 1-2", I will most likely be placing residential routes in service at some point tomorrow morning or mid-day. I will send an update tomorrow morning with a final operational plan. The last few storms have been it or miss, so I am bit tentative to issue a solid plan prior to seeing the actual accumulation. Please do not hesitate to call or email with service requests or questions. I am always available ion my mobile at 630.824.7918. Please see below for the latest from our friends at Weather Guidance. Thank you for your continued confidence in Rudey Landscape and have a great evening!

WeatherGuidance continues a Significant Weather Advisory for Snow for Rudey Landscape

Valid: 06:00 PM Today until 12:00 PM Tomorrow

Expected impacts:

  • Periods of mostly light snow developing this evening and increasing tonight and into Thursday morning

  • Snow accumulation of 1-2 inches is expected at most locations by 12 Noon on Thursday

  • Snow amounts of 2-3 inches are possible to the immediate South of the local area

Probability of the specified snowfall amount (total) at a given location:

  • Probability of ≤0.5 inch of snow: 100%

  • Probability of 0.5-1.0 inch of snow: 80%

  • Probability of 1.0-1.5 inches of snow: 70%

  • Probability of 1.5-2.0 inches of snow: 50%

  • Probability of 2.0-3.0 inches of snow: 30%

  • Probability of 3.0+ inches of snow: 10%

Discussion: Flurries and occasional periods of light snow may develop as early as around 6pm or shortly after today, but this precipitation will be very light and intermittent during the evening hours, with little to no snow accumulation expected through Midnight tonight. Periods of mostly light snow are expected to increase in coverage after Midnight tonight and will continue into Thursday morning, tapering off around 12 Noon on Thursday. Snow accumulation of 1-2 inches is expected for most of the local area from Midnight tonight through 12 Noon on Thursday. About 50% of the snow accumulation will occur between Midnight tonight and 6am Thursday, and the other 50% will occur between 6am and 12 Noon on Thursday. Higher snow accumulation of 2-3 inches is possible in spots, mainly to the immediate South of the local service area.

We will continue monitoring the situation and issue updates as conditions warrant.

Forecaster Confidence (Low/Moderate/High): Moderate to High

Best regards,

Jon Rudey

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