landscape managment


From seasonal fertilization and pest control to weekly mowing and full service professional gardening services, Rudey Landscape is here to customize a program to satisfy your needs and meet your budget. Our a la carte service menu is available to create a sustainable program for lawn and garden management.  We have three departments within the Landscape Maintenance Division.  Turf Managment including all things turf, mowing, trimming and edging, fertilization and weed control,  and disease and insect monitoring and control.  Professional Gardening Services including all things gardening, regulalrly scheduled garden services, seasonal rotations and holiday decor and lighting. Winter Services including Dormant Pruning, Winter Away Home Monitoring, Maitnenance and Repair and Snow Plowing Services.  Click below for more information on each department.

This is an all-inclusive, estate package for any residence. This is as simple as giving you our all, every time we are on site. This is a weekly package including mowing, fertilization, weed control and regular over-seeding for your turf. Rudey Landscape will also employ our professional Gardening Services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the needs of your garden and the time of the season.  This includes cultivating and weeding beds, pruning of all plant material to 15’ and dead heading all flowering plants. Fertilization and mulching of all bed areas.  Weekly arrangement and monthly cleaning of your outdoor furniture. All hoses will be appropriately coiled and stored weekly. Plant materials, both turf and landscape will be constantly monitored for disease and insect pressure and appropriate remedies will be made or suggested. This is a one-call approach to your landscape. Call us once and Rudey Landscape will take it from there!

estate landscape services


weekly clean sweep mowing


This is a weekly turf management program.  We will cut and trim all turf areas, monitor and appropriately treat hard surfaces for weed pressure and blow off all hard surfaces every time we are on site.  We will also monitor for turf and garden issues, be it weed, disease or insect pressure and make the appropriate remedies or recommendations.  Our team takes away the clippings as necessary and leaves the property looking, clean and crisp!

A perfect cut everytime!

seasonal lawn care


Whether you prefer a green lawn , or a "greener" green lawn, Rudey landscape has the lawn care program to hit your mark.  Full organic programs create long-term helath in your lawn.  Minimum chemical inputs are also available to create a blended program that minmizes pesticides and maximizes structuraly healthy lawns built on great soils.

Our program is a bit different than most. It focuses on a healthy, green turf through greener practices. We have partnered with the leading organic fertilization company in the United States to custom blend an organic fertilization program that works through six applications during the season. These products are a fusion of the

best science from organic agriculture, the sicence of conservation, best agronomy practices, the construction of strong healthy soils and root zones, and the best of liquid foliar lawn applications. We carefully time applications to provide the most benefit to the plants and the soil.  Organic fertilization is about building a strong, dense and deep root mass to encourage, strong, dense, lush top growth with the ability to naturally fend off weed, disease and insect pressure.  

Organic weed and pest products can handle the lion's share of normal turf issues.  If a situation

Most bugs are good bugs!

Most bugs are good bugs!

arises, Rudey Landscape is utlizing cutting edge products that strictly target the pest.  New and better products are becoming available everyday and Rudey Landscape stays up to date with the latest reccomendations coming out of the University of Illinois, Michigan State University, The Ohio State University and other leading academic institutions.  These new products and cultural guidelines allow us to stay ahead of the curve and only treat what is absolutely necessary.  We maintain our license registrations for turf, ornamental and mosquito treatment.


Pure Organic Lawn Care is about tolerances.  The turf may have hues of green instead of a contrived and false pure green.  A weed or two should be okay.  It should never be more than what can be pulled by hand during a quick walk-through, but they exist in an organic lawn.  More importantly, healthy children, pets and families exist on an organic lawn and that is most important!