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Rudey Landscape is dedicated to creating and implementing inspired gardens that stand for years to come, not just through this season’s trends and styles. We realize for most, your home is your most valuable asset and we want to increase both the financial and emotional value of your home. We are always inspired to meet your desires, your wants, your needs and your budget. Be it a complete renovation of your landscape or a private nook to provide quiet respite and maybe a glass of wine in the evening, we can create a space to fit your style and needs.

inspired and timeless design

Rudey Landscape’s inspiration comes from a multitude of spaces, objects, styles and colors. Most importantly, our inspirations come from you. Well versed in the concepts of our past while  keeping a finger on the pulse of today's design trends, closely observing the juncture of new and old and ready to create a garden as timeless and endearing as you wish. Click below to explore the three options for Design Build projects for your home as well as a glimpse at the process. Also, feel free to peruse our project showcase to inspire your vision further.

three options


Option #1: Descriptive Proposal: A descriptive and thoughtful proposal, clearly mapping out the process for smaller projects. This option may or may not include a hand sketch, often not to scale, but to illustrate the ideas and larger concept of the project. The proposal clearly outlines the plants, materials and other items needed to complete the project along with a description of the implementation plan. This involves an initial consultation followed by a second meeting to expand on the materials submitted and assist in visualizing the expected outcomes for the project.


Option #2: Design Build Agreement: The most common method of engaging design services, this simple agreement will allow you to engage the requisite meetings, the necessary design revisions and the

necessary time spent on the design of your garden. This is a retained service with the entirety of that retainer applied to the final invoice for construction. This option includes a signed agreement for a constructed landscape and is best for a master plan leading to phased implementation. We can create an overall concept for the property and focus efforts to refine those areas that have the most interest to you. We will guide you through the decision process and utilize the retained service time to get the most out of the effort. We are able to focus on construction

documents for permit submittal (if need be) or spending extra time creating specialty documents for board approvals. Rudey Landscape retains ownership of all drawings through the design and construction phase of the project. Maintenance plans, service agreements for utilities and appliances and ongoing care are all available during and after project completion. As-built drawings are available once construction is complete for an additional fee.

Option #3: Design Fee Agreement: This path is typically reserved for large scale, multi-faceted, master-planning projects needing substantial outside approvals and permitting. We will convene both on and off site to discuss a program that best fits the opportunities and challenges the site has to offer. The design program can include broad themes and conceptual master plans and still drill down to construction documentation and elemental detailing. This path is a retained service and the design is yours at the end of the design process. We can schedule and bill hourly beyond the retainer to provide value-added services including board and committee meeting attendance, planning and zoning hearings and other needs to be able to move the project forward. We do require 50% payment of the retainer to be paid at the time the design project commences and the remainder is billed throughout until the project is completed. While you own all of the final drawings when complete, we also require the opportunity to bid on any part of the project we choose. Construction Management Services and Bidding Management are both available as well.

the design process


At Rudey Landscape the design build process is custom tailored to meet your needs, but all design approaches include some or all of the following:

Initial Contact: Be it by phone, email or other means, It is best for us to spend 15-20 minutes or more so we can ask a few questions, but most importantly, we listen. We listen for the obvious desires and understand the less obvious wants and needs so we may be able to match our solutions to your challenges and goals. 


Initial Meeting: At your convenience, we meet at your home, or onsite, to see firsthand the challenges and opportunities that will assist us in shaping the design solution. At this time we take a general inventory of the site conditions and features and as we walk the site together.  We begin the process by making suggestions and listening closely to your needs and desires. We are always inspired at this meeting to find the right solutions and shape a vision for your garden.

Conceptual Design: We return to our office and compile our notes, sketches, recordings, measurements, memories and inspirations. We blend all of this together with a plat of survey, or other measured drawings. From there we can begin to create a conceptual, yet illustrative and artistic plan for your review. We blend the art and science of design considering form, function, elemental design, spatial relationships, hydrology, agronomy, geology and horticulture. We are preparing a design blending art and science for your consideration. We measure and couple these inspirations with context and budget and prepare a package of materials for your review and critique.  We then meet again to allow you to explore these concepts and thoughts more thoroughly.  There is always a plan to review and often a three dimensional illustration or movie showing just how your new garden will come together.

Design Development: Like all creative endeavors, the design of a garden is only truly successful after critique and revision. The job of a successful designer is to seek out your feedback and react to it  by changing design elements to better match your goals, while tempering the needs of the site, the realities of the budget, the architectural styling of your home and a committment to the contextual and ecological relationship to the environment. We strive to create a program that meets not only your needs but responds to the unique conditions of each site. Whenever needed, we encourage you to ask us to return to the drawing board for either a minor tweak or a major revision.

Final Design: Throughout the process we hone in on the target and reach a final design that reflects our shared vision. Once we establish a final design, we can move into construction documentation and detailing for submittals, approvals and implementation. We will create whatever documents are necessary to build the garden according to our exacting specifications. Whether the garden is implemented by our team of experts, sourced to a subcontractor or handled by your contractor of choice, our plans will be supported by your designer. They will follow the project through and assist you through the construction phase.